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Terms and Conditions

The following terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them below and shall be incorporated herein to the following disclaimer and copyright notice.

VOCALMATCH shall refer to the website, all of its contents, and its corresponding copyright.

Participant shall be defined as an individual who uses the VOCALMATCH website to participate in the VOCALMATCH competition.
User shall be defined as either an individual who uses the site to participate in the VOCALMATCH competition or any individual who views the site, reviews the content of the site, accesses the site, or votes on the site.

Website is defined as the VOCALMATCH website.

Site is another term that shall be used to refer to the VOCALMATCH website.

Material is defined as and includes, but is not limited to, videos, audio clips, visual clips, lyrics, songs, and all other content that is uploaded to the VOCALMATCH website.

Competition refers to the contest described on the “About” page of the VOCALMATCH website where singers and songwriters may enter.


This disclaimer applies to the content of the entire VOCALMATCH website.

VOCALMATCH provides no express or implied warranty for the information that is provided on the website.

As with any website on the Internet, there are inherent risks associated with a participant or user sending or uploading information. By using this site, the user/participant agrees to assume all risks associated with transmitting information throughout the site and the Internet, and will not find VOCALMATCH liable for any damage to any of a participant’s or user’s content uploaded to VOCALMATCH, including but not limited to audio and visual clips, lyrics, songs, and videos. VOCALMATCH shall not be liable if the usage of the website should somehow damage or corrupt a user’s computer, flash drive, or other electronic devices used in association with the site.

There are no guarantees that any users or participants will be selected as a winner. The winner is solely determined by individuals who voluntarily choose to render a vote towards the participants and the winner is not determined by the VOCALMATCH site owner.
Any inappropriate material uploaded or exhibited on the site will be removed and any users that abuse the usage of this site in any way may be prevented from posting further content or accessing the site.
User and/or participant shall indemnify and hold harmless VOCALMATCH for any acts of negligence committed by user or participant, or his or her heirs or assigns clients, from any third party lawsuit, civil action, criminal action, copyright infringement action, or injunction against the user or participant.


The VOCALMATCH website and its contents are subject to the laws of the United States and VOCALMATCH owns the copyright to the content on the site.

By uploading materials or recording music with VOCALMATCH, users and/or participants are permitting VOCALMATCH to store, exhibit, and display said material uploaded by users/participants. Said users and/or participants are granting a license to VOCALMATCH to use the materials for the purpose of the competition described on the VOCALMATCH website and will in no way infer or invoke copyright claims against VOCALMATCH for the usage of the material for said competition.

VOCALMATCH does not possess the requisite level of knowledge of the copyright ownership of any material uploaded on the website. Thus, VOCALMATCH is not responsible for any content or material, including but not limited to, music, video clips, audio clips, videos, and digital images that are uploaded by the users and /or participants that may infringe upon copyright. VOCALMATCH is shielded from potential secondary liability regarding copyright infringement unless VOCALMATCH is appropriately notified by the copyright owner, as set forth in Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. § 512, of the infringement of material exhibited on VOCALMATCH’S website. Upon receipt of the notification of claimed infringement, VOCALMATCH will expeditiously remove content or block access to the infringed material. Said copyrighted material will remain blocked or removed unless an appropriate counter-notice is submitted in the manner set forth by Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. § 512, and the validity of such counter-notice is verified and analyzed by the VOCALMATCH owner.

Unless granted express permission by VOCALMATCH, users or participants may not seize, manipulate, remove, or transfer the material belonging to other users/participants on the site.

VOCALMATCH reserves the right to sell a digital copy participants’ music and will retain 70% of the sale and will provide 30% of the sale to participant/provider of the music sold.